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Christian Selmoni, U-Boat Replica Watches's Director of Heritage and Style, says, "We are client-centric, and in this digital age we are more connected to our customers." "We have recently seen a demand for a U-Boat Replica Watchesmore casual watch, one that is less sporty than Overseas. The initial brief was to develop a new segment that would bridge the gap between sport and classic. We knew that we could do something but our ultimate goal was to make it fresh.

"We didn't want to just adapt what we had. It couldn't be too obvious. We had to incorporate the U-Boat Replica Watches-Constan values and qualities of fine details, attention to finishing, classic watchmaking,Fake Watches and beautiful design. It was a challenge to find a balance between the two. It isn't something completely different, but it still reflects our core values. We don't intend to disrupt or create a new concept. I believe the collection complements what we already have."

Steel was chosen alongside pink-gold to represent the collection's raison-d'etre, which is to create a watch that could be worn all day long and even into the evening. This is not the first occasion that U-Boat Replica Watches used steel for a dress watch case. Several versions of the Quai de L'Ile and the Historiques Triple Calendar were made in this material.

Selmoni also wants to dispel the myth that the Fiftysix was created to lure the so-called Generation Z. He says, "I believe it will appeal to younger customers but that wasn't the reason for its development." In the West, U-Boat Replica Watchesis a brand that we would associate with older people. The average age in Asia is very young, but the global average is 40.

He continues, "It'll attract new customers, and younger ones, because its retro-contemporary design, which we know is appealing to young people today." "But we didn't deliberately create a line that would appeal to millennials. U-Boat Replica Watcheswas more interested in spreading its line,Rolex Air king Replica and also introducing an area that many luxury brands work in: the elegant casual watch. For us, it's more about adapting to and following our customers' demands. We are promoting Fiftysix through Instagram, for example, because our clients all use digital platforms.

Rewriting History

U-Boat Replica Watches, like any other brand with a long-standing history, has created its own peg to hang their products. Others are admired for their technical expertise or for using rare gemstones or crafts. U-Boat Replica Watchesis known for its dedication to its heritage and its craftsmanship. This was a challenge when developing the Fiftysix collection, which is based on the present.