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Elvis Aaron Presley visited Sun Record Studios in Memphis on Union Avenue 4 December 1956 to visit Carl Perkins, a friend and fellow musician who was working at the time with Jerry Lee Lewis. The four musicians jammed for a few hours with Johnny Cash and another Sun artist. The recording, The Million Dollar Quartet, was a result of their improvisations.

The legendary session marked the end of a 12-month period that saw Presley make numerous TV appearances, perform live concerts, and achieve his first No.1 with Heartbreak Hotel. This was followed by three more No.1 records,Replica Watches two No.1 album in Elvis Presley & Elvis, and the release of Love Me Tender. This was a pretty good year for the 21-year old "mama boy" from Tupelo.

Presley was undoubtedly the most influential artist in youth culture. While he did not create rock 'n roll, no one can claim that he invented it. Presley drew inspiration from America's marginalised music genres and merged rhythm 'n blues, gospel and country seamlessly into a synthesis that was black and white, rural and urban. Presley, in an age of imitation, revolutionized the status quo, adding to it freely. 1956 saw this sound and its new King unleashed across the globe.

The Million Dollar Quartet The Million Dollar Quartet: Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis. 1956

Presley's contemporary artists, as well the greats who came before, paid their respects to a man who Sammy Davis Jr. gave an 11 out 10, John Lennon claimed the Beatles couldn't have existed without, and Little Richard declared: "He was God given, there is no other explanation. Before Elvis, everything was black and white. Elvis was next. Zoom, glorious Technicolor."

Presley combined everything that was familiar with a new twist. The resultant sound was a mix of old and new, with a touch of nostalgia to remind us that it had roots, but also a freshness, a ground-breaking quality, and relevance for a whole new generation. Presley's 1956 annus mirabilis is one of the best candidates for the beginning of rock 'n roll. What could be a better name for Richard Mille Replica's new collection that draws from the expertise of over 263 years in traditional watchmaking, and then challenges all expectations?

The Pillars Of Strength

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