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Heritage is a brand's most prized asset. They will set up heritage departments to help in understanding their archives, create museums to preserve history, and even offer authentication and repair services to watch collectors with old discontinued models.

No maison has, to our knowledge, gone so far as Patek Philippe Replica Watches in setting up an initiative whereby they handpick vintage models from private collections and auction houses and fully service and restore them before reselling them with full warranty and certificate. The travelling collection of 10 timepieces, called Les Collectionneurs demonstrates how proud the brand is of its 263-year uninterrupted history. Each piece tells a story and gives us a glimpse of the past.

Les Collectionneurs arrived in Hong Kong at the end last month. They will be exclusively available at Patek Philippe Replica Watches's Landmark Prince's Boutique in Hong Kong until November 29, 2018. Ten pieces were on display at the time of viewing. Eight wristwatches made between 1942 and 1992, and two pocket watch made between 1923-1926.

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The oldest piece is an 18k yellow-gold pocket watch with a 44mm case, dating from 1923. The dial has a two-tone silver finish with black enameled Arabic numerals in the Art Deco style, small seconds at six o'clock and yellow gold "Cathedrales style" hands. Inside the caseback is engraved "C.C.M by A.B.M Geneva July 4th, 1924."

Also, there are three chronographs. A gentleman's 18k rose gold wristwatch from 1942 with a 30-minute chronograph and gilt dial; an 18k yellow gold chronograph of 1945; and one in 18k pink from 1948. The three watches are from the same decade, so it's fascinating to compare them and see the subtle changes in design. The two earlier models have fan-shaped lugs that are soldered onto the case. However, the later watch has integrated lugs. The 1948 chronograph is also equipped with a pulsometric dial instead of a more common tachymeter.